Commerce and Industry Sector Ranking
The GGI framework assigns differential weightages for Indicators. The outcome / output-based indicators are assigned higher weightage whereas input/process-based indicators are assigned relatively lower weightage and attempts have been made to arrive at a consensus on assigned weightages during consultative meetings. It should be noted that with the inclusion of new indicators and omission of obsolete indicators, weightage is reassigned to even retained indicators of GGI 2019 in GGI 2020-21. The assigned weightages for present scoring and ranking are given in Annexure 1.

The States and UTs are scored and ranked based on the published data collated from various sources as mentioned in the preceding chapters. GGI takes into consideration only data which is available with the Central Ministries / Departments which has a time series measurement. The identified secondary sources were cross-checked with Central Ministries/Departments once again for any other updated secondary sources. Data-point-wise sources are provided as Annexure 2.

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