Adibatla Aerosapce SEZ

C-130 empennages, Fuselage of US presidential Helicopters (Sikorsky), F16 Wings etc.

  • Lockheed Martin first started manufacturing the C-130 empennages (tail section) from Hyderabad. Their entire factory was built in 11 months and production started in 13 months
  • They found the ease of establishing their factory in Hyderabad much smoother and faster than any of their other production sites across the world.
  • Today the fuselage of US presidential Helicopters (Sikorsky) are made in Hyderabad.  Lockheed had recently started the production of F16 wings from Hyderabad
  • Tata Lockeed Martin is looking at doubling its capacity and expanding further in Hyderabad.
  • The fact that Lockheed chose to bring such prestigious projects were one after other in close succession indicate the confidence they have in Hyderabad ecosystem.