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Industry outlook, Opportunity in Telangana


The country is expected to grow its renewable energy capacity to 192.1 GW by 2023. Western European countries are the leading source of imports of environmental technologies into India. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in environment equipment and services is allowed under the automatic route with up to 100 per cent foreign equity holding. Thus, the Indian market offers strong business prospects for foreign investors. India’s growing economy and surging demand for clean power to strengthen energy security and reduce pollution, as well as ongoing sector reforms, is making India one of the most attractive destinations in the world for environmentally-friendly investments, as per an ADB report. India’s renewable capacity installations reached 86 gigawatt (GW) as of 31 December, 2019. Wind Energy became the biggest contributor with 44 per cent share in the total renewable energy mix followed by solar with 39 per cent share.



Telangana has a vast solar potential estimated at 20.41 GW and a wind energy potential of 4.2 GW. Telangana has a total installed capacity of 4,036 MW renewable energy power, including solar energy at 3,583 MW and wind energy of 128 MW besides contribution from other renewable energy sources.

Installed capacity of grid interactive renewable power:
(Source: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy- state data, dated 31.03.2020)

  • #1 Ranked state in Waste to Energy 52 MW
  • #2 Ranked state of India in terms of solar power capacity per unit area of land mass. (Source: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy – state data, dated 31.03.2020)
  • #6 Ranked state  in India with 106 LEED certified green building projects in 2019 with 44mn st built up area.

Telangana is planning to achieve 5 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy capacity by 2020, and the state is planning to release a tender for setting up of around 1000 MW (1 GW) of solar power generation capacity.

The state has adopted decentralized distributed solar installation projects, as opposed to the solar park model. Barring one Project, in which more than 100 MW of solar capacity is located, the state had encouraged projects across over 180 locations, instead of concentration of projects at one location as in solar parks.

Government Support


The Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation Limited (TSREDCO) has been nominated as “Nodal Agency” for implementation of New & Renewable Energy Programs in Telangana State.


Objectives of TSREDCO:

  • Generate electricity through renewable sources like wind and solar on decentralized manner.
  • Conserve energy in rural areas.
  • Import and adopt viable technology and machinery in the areas of Non-conventional energy sources and ensures post installation service.
  • Impart training and to promote research and development in the field of Non-conventional energy sources.


  • Solar Energy Program
  • Biogas and National Biogas Manure & Management Program.
  • Energy Conservation Program.
  • Wind Energy.
  • Biomass Energy.
  • Industrial waste to energy.
  • Sustainable Innovation Summit.

Installation of Continuous Monitoring systems by the Industries


Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) has issued directions to various industries for installation of Online Continuous stack and ambient air quality monitoring equipments by 17 category of polluting industries such as Power plants, Cement plants, Sugar and distilleries, etc., and IP cameras by pharma industries, who have ZLD facilities or members of common ETP. Accordingly, 342 units have installed an online continuous stack emission and effluent monitoring system and they have been connected to the TSPCB server to track pollution levels. In addition to the above, the TSPCB has also installed 6 Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations (CAAQMS) at

  • Sanath Nagar
  • Hyderabad Central Laboratory
  • Zoo Park
  • Pashamylaram
  • ICRISAT-Patancheru
  • Bachupally Bollaram

TSPCB has procured two Real Time Water Quality Monitoring Station (RTWQMS) and installed at

  • Buddha Purnima Project, Hussainsagar to assess the lake water quality continuously.
  • Fathenagar Nala to monitor the water quality continuously and also to check any discharges like sewage and industrial effluents.
Telangana PCB

e-Waste Centre of Excellence



Self-sustaining ecosystem capable of managing India’s e-waste.


To lead transformation by creating a conducive e-Waste management environment which nurtures innovation, entrepreneurship, and capability building.


  • Facilitate partnership with the academia, startups, industry and government to translate ideas into products and build affordable technology solutions.
  • Conduct training/workshops to educate and train human resources already engaged or seeking employment in the areas of recycling, refurbishing, dismantling, etc.
  • Establish necessary infrastructure to enable R&D, Innovation, Product Development, and Testing for researchers, entrepreneurs, early start-ups, and SME’s.
  • Drive e-waste recycling and refurbishing to support “Swachh Bharat Mission” and “Make in India”
Innovation Ecosystem
Innovation Ecosystem Hierarchy



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