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Ranked state of India
(In terms of solar power production ~ 3621 MW (cumulative))
Ranked state of India
(In terms of solar power capacity per unit area of land mass)
(State Rooftop Attractiveness Index)


Industry outlook, Opportunity in Telangana


In 2019, India was ranked as the fourth most attractive renewable energy market in the world.
The country has set an ambitious target of 450 GW of renewable power by 2030. This one of the world’s largest expansion plans in renewable energy sector.

As of 30 April 2020, the total installed capacity for Renewables is 87+ GW with the following break ups: Wind power: 38 GW, Solar Power: 36 GW and BioPower: 10 GW.

FDI -Up to 100% FDI is allowed under the automatic route for renewable energy generation and distribution projects subject to provisions of The Electricity Act, 2003.


•    Telangana has a vast solar potential estimated at 20.41 GW and a wind energy potential of 4.2 GW.
•    Telangana has a total installed capacity of 4+GW renewable energy power, including solar energy at 3,621 MW and wind energy of 128 MW besides contribution from other renewable energy sources.
•     Installed capacity of grid interactive renewable power(source: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy – state data, dated       31.03.2020):
     o    #2 Ranked state of India in terms of solar power capacity per unit area of land mass
     o    Telangana accounts for 10.5% of India’s solar power capacity while being 3.5% of India’s land area.
     o    #4 Ranked state of India in terms of solar power production ~ 3621 MW (cumulative).
     o    #6 ranked state in India with 106 LEED certified green building projects in 2019 with 44 mn sft of built-up area.

•     Telangana is planning to achieve 5 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy capacity by 2020, and the state is planning to release a tender for setting up of around 1000 MW (1 GW) of solar power generation capacity.

•     The state has adopted decentralized distributed solar installation projects, as opposed to the solar park model. Barring one              Project, in which more than 100 MW of solar capacity is located, the state had encouraged projects across over 180 locations, instead of concentration of projects at one location as in solar parks.

Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation Limited (TSREDCO)

TSREDCO has been nominated as “Nodal Agency” for implementation of New; Renewable Energy Programs inTelangana.

To be a pioneer institute in promotion of Energy Conservation Initiatives and Renewable Energy programmes/ Projects with state-of-art technologies coupled with experts and technocrats to present highly competitive and efficient Services to the End User.
The Mission is to Promote, Develop, Enforce, Encourage, Popularize, and carry out Research & consultancy for Implementation of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects in the state in due consultation with State and Central Governments.

Renewable Energy Domains that TSREDCO manages

Biomass and Biogas
Industrial Waste to Energy

This site primarily covers Telangana’s value propostion in the area of Solar energy. Details about opportunities in Telangana relating to other renewable sources of energy can be found at TSRECO’s site.

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Major Investments

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Government Support

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Industry Speaks

“It gives us great pride to partner with the Government of Telangana and play a leading role in its mission of harnessing the solar potential of the state. We thank Sri G. Jagadish Reddy for extending his support to ReNew Power and encouraging us by gracing today’s occasion. The enabling environment of the state and the support that the administration provides makes Telangana an attractive state for the solar power industry”

Sumant Sinha
Chairman and CEO of ReNew Power

Telangana has a competitive advantage in the solar space. We will actively pursue more opportunities in solar. We are also identifying ideal sites for wind power projects that have high wind speeds so that we can provide power at a lower tariff. We are hoping to make our bid for wind power soon. We are keen to make more than one investment in the State. We are also scouting for right renewable energy assets for acquisition in Telangana.

Rajiv Ranjan Mishra
CEO, CLP India

Investable Projects

Invitation for proposals for installation of grid connected solar roof top SPV power plants: Link



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No, only those consumers who are having the electricity supply connection from DISCOMs are eligible.

The grid connected system of 1KW peak power capacity occupies about 10 square meters (around 100 Sq Ft) on the rooftop.

For every kW peak power installed on a South facing roof, the system will generate around 1500 to 1700 units in a year. This reduces by around 20% for an East or West facing roof.


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