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State to release Drones Framework
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State to release Blockchain Framework
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Industry outlook, Opportunity in Telangana


  • Telangana has established a dedicated government wing for emerging technologies, with twin objectives of:
    • Drive adoption of emerging technologies in government department. (govt as-first-buyer)
    • Build a robust emerging technologies ecosystem in Telangana.
  • Since 2016, the state has adopted the strategy of identifying key emerging technologies and encapsulating the state’s vision and planned initiatives into concise state-level strategy documents, which would help build India’s leading emerging technologies ecosystem in Telangana.

In 2019, we launched Telangana’s Blockchain Framework (2019). Moreover, we signed strategic blockchain-focused partnerships with – BitFury, ISB and GBBC (Global Blockchain Business Council).

In 2019, we also launched the Drone Framework (2019), and later on-boarded DJI, world’s largest drone manufacturer, as a strategic partner.

We declared 2020 as the Year of AI. No business can stay untouched from the AI revolution. It is expected to transform the global economy and early adopters will have first-mover advantage. Therefore, the Telangana government is setting a vision to accelerate AI readiness and develop a conducive ecosystem in the state. Towards these efforts, the state is happy to launch its “AI Framework document” which outlays our AI strategy to transform Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Transport, Law Enforcement and Citizen Services. The state also signed strategic AI partnerships with the likes of NVIDIA, Intel, Adobe,, IIT Hyderabad, IIIT Hyderabad, Hexagon among others.

  • To operationalize the above strategy frameworks, unique institutions are being constituted to nurture emerging technologies ecosystem in Telangana:

For the planning and execution of all the initiatives and projects identified in AI strategy framework, Government of Telangana has set up a unique AI body in collaboration with NASSCOM and its members.

“We commemorated 2020 as the Telangana’s Year of AI last year on 2nd January 2020. Exactly one year later, I am elated to share the success of the Year of AI program, which did not just survived the pandemic but also thrived it. The initiative has been a catalyst, which has today catapulted Telangana to the forefront of the AI race to excellence” said IT Minister KT Rama Rao.

The report highlights Telangana’s AI Framework, which outlines the six-pronged strategy to achieve the vision of positioning Telangana as a global hub for Artificial Intelligence and foster social innovation. The government has set up T-AIM (Telangana AI Mission) to drive the implementation of the AI Framework. The report mentions initiatives and activities launched by a number of partners such as Intel, IIITH, PHFI, C4IR (with World Economic Forum), AWS, nVIDIA, Microsoft, Wadhwani AI, IIT Hyderabad, Hexagon, IEEE Hyderabad, PJTSAU and many more. In all over 120+ events were organized throughout the year.

“I take great pride in Telangana’s multi-lateral collaborative approach and take this opportunity to thank the efforts of our active ecosystem partners in Telangana.” said Jayesh Ranjan IAS, IT Principal Secretary.

An applied research centre was conceptualized with focus on healthcare and mobility domains, with a 400Cr+ funding commitment over the next 5 years. Intel, IIITH and PHFI are the other founding partners.

Blockchain District is the anchor around which Hyderabad’s blockchain ecosystem is flourishing. Vision is to make Hyderabad as one of the top 10 Blockchain Cities of the world. In 2019, An ISO committee of 150 Blockchain experts from 56 countries assembled in India’s Blockchain District Hyderabad for a week-long conference to develop international blockchain standards. Four government use cases from India, all of them developed in the Blockchain District, were selected by an expert committee.

State’s initiative to build a robust Cybersecurity Startup Ecosystem, facilitate local and global collaborations, increase the footprint of GCCs and undertake capacity building initiatives.


State’s initiative in collaboration with MeitY, towards creating a conducive e-Waste management environment which nurtures innovation, entrepreneurship, and capability building.

Adoption of Emerging Technologies in Government

  • National Awards for e-Governance 2020: Telangana recently won a Gold Medal in ET category for a blockchain-based project, at the 23rd National Awards for e-Governance 2020 organized by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) along with Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).
  • Medicine from the Sky: A medical-drone delivery project in association with the World Economic Forum and Apollo Hospitals, to assess the viability of integrating drones into the health supply chain to potentially save lives in remote areas. The first-of-a-kind solution in India is set to be piloted in Telangana.
  • Blockchain for Micro Finance: A Blockchain solution is being implemented with Stree Nidhi credit cooperative Federation Ltd. to provide credit rating for each Self-Help Group members, that will help the poor women to avail credit from formal financial systems.
  • Property Records Management: Real-time transactions being stored in databases are also populated on a Blockchain system. This helps to store property details in time sequenced and tamper evident manner for future verification.
  • Drones for Volumetric Analysis of Mines: In the process of empanelling the vendors to carry out the volumetric analysis and extent analysis of Telangana’s mines.
  • More than a dozen other use cases are being developed for government departments.

Government Support

  • AI Framework: Data Exchange Platform and HPAIC, Skilling and Education, Governance, Ethics and Privacy, Research and Innovation, Enabling Adoption and Community Collaboration, AI-Innovestment Fund.
  • Blockchain Framework: Developing Talent Pool, Supporting Infrastructure, Promoting Research and Innovation, Enabling Collaboration and Building Community.
  • Drone Framework: Developing Infrastructure, Talent Pool and Incentives for Drone tech based startups/organizations.
  • IoT Policy: T-Works, Promote Manufacturing and Procurement of IoT Based Solutions, Provide Support to Startups in raising Capital, Create a ready-to-employ Talent Pool in the State, Partnerships and Tie-Ups to develop Know-how.
  • Cyber Security Policy: Legal And Regulatory Framework, Compliance And Enforcement Framework, Capacity Building And Cybersecure Acculturation Framework, Business Development Framework.

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Investable Projects

Drone City:

Vision: The Government will establish a PPP model Telangana Drone City (TDC) that would become India’s leading Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) test and business center. This TDC will foster a drone ecosystem and will enable sharing of resources, best practices and promote innovation.

Initiatives: The drone center will be driving initiatives identified in Telangana’s Drone Framework and more.

Components: Segregated airspace for testing, command control centre, hangar, runway, prototyping labs, ground control stations, co-working spaces, training simulators etc.

Partner Organizations

  • Tech Mahindra
  • IIIT Hyderabad
  • CDAC
  • ISB
  • GBBC
  • BitFury
  • NITI Aayog




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