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As India emerges as a Premier Investment destination the state of
Telangana, the Youngest state, marches ahead as a torchbearer
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Slide As India emerges as a Premier Investment destination the state of
Telangana, the Youngest state, marches ahead as a torchbearer
for the new india of the world.
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Slide As India emerges as a Premier Investment destination the state of
Telangana, the Youngest state, marches ahead as a torchbearer
for the new india of the world.
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Shravan Kasam


Telangana Social Impact Group (T-SIG), an initiative of the Government of Telangana is a step towards reinforcing the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in corporates, inspiring them to channelize their CSR funds into most imminent fields, thereby enhancing quality and quantity of CSR investment.


T-SIG’s brings in a plethora of value to the industry in designing, operationalising, and documenting their corporate social responsibility projects aka CSR projects. Few of such core value propositions are:

Scoping and Needs Assessments of Current and Priority Issues

TSIG has its ears to the ground through its most extensive network of 250+ non-profits and across district administrations in the state, this enables TSIG to provide up-to-date, relevant projects that fall under the priority focus for the government.

Speedy and Efficient Execution of Projects

TSIG has a panoramic structure to support swift and hassle-free execution of projects. This enables the industry partner to deliver their projects within the stipulated timeframes and budgets. Through its vast network of 175+ CSR partners TSIG also helps avoid duplication of projects and maintains easy access to project data from all partners.

Brings in Transparency and Global Standards of Reporting

TSIG, through its global networks and associations with industry bodies, defines and keeps pace with the current standards in transparency and reporting structures. TSIG also provides counsel to industry partners at a nascent stage of their CSR project delivery.

Employee Engagement Opportunities

TSIG curates and manages a wide range of employee engagement opportunities. Link to the same can be found here.

Social media

T-SIG in the News

T-SIG Blog Link


T-Social Impact Group is just an amazing idea to bring all CSR stakeholders on the same platform. It fills gaps not only in ideating CSR projects for social development but also in CSR strategies and actions which help in ease of doing CSR in Telangana. The most important part about the platform is that it strives to bring focus to projects which have high value of impact creation but are unknown to corporates. The disconnect present in CSR is that there are vulnerable sections of society who are unaware of passionate corporates doing meaningful CSR work and on the other hand, CSRs searching for impactful projects to invest in, are clueless of where and how to create the impact. What acts as another impediment is that neither party knows how to even find a trustworthy intermediary. All these points have been addressed to a greater extent by the T-SIG platform.

Dr. RS Praveen Kumar, IPS
Secretary, TSWREI Society

The spirit of contributing to the community is embedded in India ethos since time immemorial. Many philanthropically inclined individuals and companies have been making stellar contributions to social and community activities. In this context GHMC & T-SIG offers an excellent window for companies, NGOs and individuals seeking to contribute to social good by providing a structured forum to do so. T-Social Impact Group is a much-needed initiative from the Department of IT & EC, Government of Telangana. T-SIG acts an important mediator between the Govt Departments and Corporates. By showcasing GHMC projects on their website, T-SIG has facilitated corporate outreach to environmentally sustainable projects. T-SIG has also supported GHMC by organizing Round Table Meetings with CSR Heads of companies located in Telangana. I hope that T-SIG will continue to put in its best efforts and ensure effective CSR investments in meaningful development projects.

D. Harichandana, IAS
Former West Zonal Commissioner, GHMC

T-Social Impact Group is a very first of its kind organization to collaborate all the CSR partners under one ecosystem. I am glad to share and know on the social responsibility being performed by the corporates, NGOs diligently. T-SIG plays here a major role in keeping all the CSR partners updated on the causes served, upcoming events and conferences. It is indeed a great platform to connect with other corporates and also the government to work collectively towards the common goal of betterment of the society. Quarterly meetings work wonders in ideation and brainstorming on the initiatives. Recently I have attended the Menstrual Festival hosted by Good Universe NGO to commemorate the Menstrual Hygiene Day and it was a wonderful opportunity provided to us by T-SIG where I heard some of the eminent speakers on breaking the taboo on Menstruation. Earlier this year we got invitation to attend the International Conference & Expo 2019 for the Water and Waste Management where we heard experts from across the Globe and gained some knowledge how we can conserve water. Indeed, both the events were informative and helped us in enabling meaningful steps towards the same. It is our sheer pleasure to be associated with T-SIG and we appreciate your continued support.

Pallavi Priya
Infosys Hyderabad, CSR


Invest Telangana Cell,
Industries & Commerce (I&C) Department,
5th Floor, BRKR Bhavan, Hyderabad,
Telangana, India.

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