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Kakatiya Mega Textile Park,

Industry outlook, Opportunity in Telangana


India offers a unique opportunity for a global textiles player not only to leverage the ecosystem to set up a manufacturing base but also to meet the growing demand for value-added textiles. The presence of both backward linkages right up to the fiber and forward linkages right up to the retail, in physical as well as virtual platforms, supported by a large pool of manpower with skills, make it a ready to exploit the opportunity for the industry. India is the 2nd Largest Producer of Textile & Apparel Globally and the 6th Largest Exporter of Man-Made Fibre Textiles. Also, India is the largest producer of Cotton and 2nd largest producer of Polyester and Viscose globally.


Telangana is well known for historical Textile sector operations with 50,000 power looms, 17,000 handlooms and skilled work force. It is the 3rd highest cotton producing state in India with annual production of about 5 million bales. Telangana is also one of the most suited location for textiles due to its geographic location and accessibility to the required resources.

This is supported by the spinning industry with an aggregate capacity of about 1 million spindles. The State’s natives form a significant part of the work force in other textile clusters in Western India, thus, there is an inherent historical association with the industry amongst the local people.

Major Investments

Government Support

One Time Support
CAPITAL SUBSIDY – 25% OF Investments up to USD $300.000
(Technical Textiles: 35% of Investment up to USD 615.000)
Recurring Support
INTEREST SUBSIDY- Up to 8% pa for 8 Years
POWER SUBSIDY – USD 0.03 per kWh for 5 years
SGST REIMBURSEMENT- 100% reimbursement for 7 year
Policy Differentiators
CEPT O&M SUBSIDY- 25% -75% over first 5 years
FREIGHT SUBSIDY (facilitating export and import of goods)- 25% -75% of freight cost reimbursement over first 5 year
Customized Incentives
(Investment > USD 27 Million OR Employement > 1000)

Kakatiya Mega textile park | Govt of Telangana

Industry Speaks

Telangana is poised to be industrial manufacturing Hub of the Country with progressive and vibrant leadership. Telangana has achieved pioneer position in IT and manufacturing is its next focus. The State Machinery works in tandem with the investors to resolve all potential challenges in a time bound manner. Welspun group believes that vibrancy demonstrated by Government is in line with Uno Position in EoDB.

B K Goenka
Chairman, Welspun Group

Telangana government attracted our investment with its industry-friendly policy and proactive approach. KTR has been very facilitating to make this project possible. We have signed the final agreement to set up our unit in Warangal, which will create jobs not only in Warangal but in India.

Mr Kihak Sung
Chairman, Youngone Corporation

Investable Projects

Kakatiya Mega Textile Park, Warangal:
The Textile park is being developed over an area of over 1200 acres at Warangal which is the nerve center of Textile industry in the State, and located about 165 km from Hyderabad, has abundant availability of raw material and presence of skilled workforce. This prestigious project, first of its kind in the country, is based on development strategy of ‘’Farm to Fibre, ‘Fibre to Fashion’ and ‘’ Fashion to Foreign”

KMTP is designed to include the complete textile value chain starting from ginning, spinning, weaving, knitting and Textile processing. The Park offers industrial space for Textile and Apparel Industry with world class state-of-art manufacturing facilities and integrated common infrastructure with common facilities like skill development center, marketing infrastructure etc.


Cleared, graded and leveled to create a uniform terrain to enable construction and infrastructure development.

  • 36m RoW – Main Arterial roads
  • 30m RoW – Sub Arterial roads
  • 18m RoW – Internal roads
  • Decentralized STP with a overall capacity of 15MLD.
  • Conveyance & treated water distribution/conveyance system.
  • Integrated landscape of international standards.

Total water requirement:

  • Industrial use: 31.2 MLD
  • Portable use: 8.8 MLD
  • Total demand: 100 MW
  • Sub-station for 100 MW
  • Overhead distribution network.
  • Energy efficient LED fitted street lighting
  • 20 MLD CETP with ZLD (4 x 5 MLD)
  • Effluent collection system.
  • Treated water conveyance system.

Sircilla Apparel Park, Sircilla
Sircilla is about 140 km from Hyderabad international airport and is a powerloom cluster with more than 30,000 looms. The town has several fabric making units, dyeing units and micro enteprises engaged in stitching.

The Sircilla Apparel Park is spread over about 60 acres, and will invite the established garment manufacturers from other parts of the country/abroad to set up stitching units. The Park will also have a provision for built-to-suit units to provide plug and play infrastructure to enable industry to quickly start production. The Government has already set up training centres in Sircilla and more than 1000 women have been skilled in sewing machine operations.

  • Ready to use cleared, graded and leveled plots.
  • Modular plots size from 0.5 acres to 2 acres.
  • All supporting infrastructure at the plot door step.
  • Apparel super hub: 400,000 sft.
  • Skill development center: 7500 sft.
  • Admin: 3000 sft.
  • Administrative block including product display center.
  • Training centre.
  • Market place for finished goods & product display centres.
  • Roads to International standards (24m/15m/12m)
  • 24/7 water supply.
  • Sewage collection & central treatment.
  • Exclusive sub-station & 4 MW power distribution.
  • LED street lighting.

The Textile Park, Pashamylaram, Medak District
The Park is at Indrakaran Village in Pashamylaram . which is 51 kms from Hyderabad. The park has 88 plots to promote manufacturing activity in Clothing accessories, manufacturing of all types of clothing accessories, garments, Textile garments. A Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) is also proposed to be set up.

Partner Organizations



KMTP is 163 Kms from Hyderabad and 18 Kms from Warangal city.

Currently there is no operational airport in Warangal. However, ), proposal for an airport has been submitted to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, for approval. The airport is proposed to be completed in two years post preliminary studies. The Airports Authority of India has already included Warangal airport in the list of under-served and unserved cities , suitable for the regional connectivity scheme.

Warangal has two railway stations namely, Kazipet and Warangal on the important stations in the New Delhi-Chennai main line of Indian Railways. The Kazipet railway junction is at a distance of 22 kms from the Chintallpalli station which is just abutting KMTP. About 8 passenger trains pass through this route on a daily basis from Kazipet station and 6 trains that go from Warangal station to Chintalpalli station.


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